Get To Know me

My Bio

Joshua Scott is a marketing speaker and consultant who has spent the last 16 years in the dental industry.  He works with practices around the country to create confident marketing strategies.


Josh got into dentistry while transitioning out of a ministry career.  He landed at a national practice management company where he learned the fundamentals of running a dental practice and viewing everything through the lens of profitability.  He spent 12 years there in multiple roles before launching out on his own. He now leads Studio 8E8 (pronounced “88”), a creative dental marketing firm specializing in brand creation, websites and digital solutions.  He the host of The 8E8 Show - a regular podcast answering dentistry’s most important marketing questions and regularly speaks across the country.


Josh grew up off of Compton Avenue on south side of Los Angeles, so he considers himself part “thug.”  Currently he resides in New Albany, Ohio - a white, picket fence community where the most gangsta thing he ever does is listen to Jay-Z with the car windows rolled down.  He’s been married to his high school best friend, Joanna, for 22 years and has two children, Caden (age 12) and Aliya (age 8).

My Why

My #promise

If you decide to work with me I can promise a few things:


You will be impressed by my responsiveness

I'm not some long-distance marketing consultant that’s too busy to talk.  I work hard to gain your confidence and become a long-term, trusted advisor.


You will understand your marketing investment

Many business owners spend thousands of dollars a year on marketing and have no idea where it goes or whether it’s working.  You’ll understand the investment you’re making and what each piece of the project is designed to do.


You Will Love Your Brand

Dentistry should be beautiful and inspiring.  I'll work with you to develop a brand that you can be proud of and accurately represents your practice.


You Will Feel Great About The Experience

Marketing leaves many feeling confused, dissatisfied and overwhelmed.  My job is to make the process easy and fun.  Not only will you love the results, but you'll love the journey.


If I could be completely honest with you I would tell you that dental marketing (on the whole) sucks.  It’s really bad.  And I’ve never understood why. One of my personal missions is to educate the dental community about what good marketing looks like. It’s my way of giving back to the dental community and making it a better place.

From team meetings crammed in staff lounges to national events with big stages, I regularly speak across the country.  I create a memorable experience that leaves the audience having fun and more importantly learning how to market better. If you think I might be a good fit for your local study club, team meeting or larger event, please let me know.  I #PROMISE you’ll be thrilled with the presentation.