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This week, I sat down with good friend Drew Phillips, Senior CFO Advisor at PracticeCFO based out of San Diego, California. I connected with Drew last year after hearing his name from a few clients to who he referred us and after meeting him, I knew I had to have him on the show. 

PracticeCFO is the financial one-stop shop for dentists, but they have the heart to serve their clients above and beyond financial needs. Practices can outsource the CFO role to them and they go all in to help them hit the financial outcomes they’re seeking. They prioritize setting dentists up for long-term success early on and want to become lifelong partners in the process - something they’ve already been able to do with a 2% attrition rate.

“You only get there through excellent communication, great results obviously, and we’ve tried to scale our business in a way where we've sacrificed growth at times to maintain that level of dedication and results-driven mentality.”

Drew stumbled into the dental industry when he met his partner, Wes Read, CEO of PracticeCFO, about 5 years ago and heard the story of what he was setting out to do with the company. Like most of us who fell into this industry, he also fell in love with it and the people he was surrounded with.

“I took a leap of faith…joined forced with him and I’ve loved every minute of it. Dental has its own nuances and complexities… but the players in this space, clientele, and service providers, they’re really great people.”

With 95% of dentists not being able to retire by the age of 63, they wanted to do more to solve that problem. As they’ve grown in their mission, they’ve been able to create resources, educational platforms, and strategic systems to make sure there are no missing pieces. 

“We ultimately want to help progress the industry as a whole and I think you do that via education and through greater understanding.”

You can learn more about all the great things Drew and PracticeCFO are doing at, connect with Drew directly through the team page, check out their podcast Associates on Fire, or follow them on social media!

Listen to the full episode for great conversation, some laughs, and a lot of good stuff.


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