Building Community Alongside Your Spouse


This week Joanna is joining me for a special couples edition of Go Live with Paul and Mary Goodman of Dental Nachos. Paul and Mary (AKA Dr. and Mrs. Nacho) are good friends and an inspirational couple. It was fun getting to pick their brains about their businesses, working together, and the cool things that will be coming down the pipeline.

The first thing was to hear the story of how Dental Nachos came to be with Dr. Paul coming from a dentistry background and Mary from an education background…it started with a small Facebook Group and a love of Mexican food.

“The whole point of Dental Nachos is to make people feel less alone and make [them] feel more like they matter.”

Just like nachos are meant to be shared among friends, they wanted to build a kind and respectful space for practicing dentists, dental students, and current office team members to share ideas and create connection over competition.

“Dental Nachos is for everyone…having this group conversation about what’s happening in the industry, it gets spicy like nacho toppings, but lets people see other people's perspective.”

One of the reasons they have had so much success in their marriage and businesses is because of the balance they aim for and work at every day. We asked them how they manage all the things and still set time aside for family without having to talk shop all the time.

They shared the challenge and how it takes consistency and effort to maintain a healthy balance of work and life, and the importance of setting boundaries. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

“One of the most challenging parts of life - giving yourself boundaries and sticking to them.”

Team culture is also high on their priorities list to maintain a positive work environment for their people. They want to use Dental Nachos, Dentist Job Connect, and other cool things happening soon to help other dentists and practices do the same.

“Dental offices need to motivate themselves to make their jobs a little more fun for their team members…you just have to create relevance and fun.” 

Finding the motivation to do that is the key to a happy life, great team culture, and a healthy business. We had a blast hanging out with our friends Paul and Mary, you can catch them at, on Instagram @dentalnachos, or connect with Mary directly @mrs.nacho on Instagram. 

Watch the full episode for more!


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