Financial Growth through Authentic Education


This week I got to sit down with Ryan Isaac of Dentist Advisors on episode 36. Having recently made the move to California where you can always find him with a taco or surfboard in hand, Ryan has also had quite the journey co-founding and growing Dentist Advisors over the last 15 years. 

We had a lot of fun on the call talking fitness, family, and really digging into some of the key hurdles and achievements of Dentist Advisory. They started out as a general advisory firm, but eventually Ryan and his partner, Co-Founder, Reese Harper, decided they wanted to be more than just an independent firm, they wanted to be a niche firm. 

Now they are thriving as a financial planning and investment management company exclusively serving dentists - focusing on educating instead of selling.

“That was always the tone of our firm, always teaching first.”

Today, they have 22 team members and a proprietary system to run with. They take the time to share with other companies in the industry, work with clients one-on-one, and run a podcast that’s taken them from a local company to a national one. 

“The podcast was just meant to be an educational our surprise, the podcast took us from being a local regional company to a national company.”

A lot of their content is based around the holes they were seeing between the practical training dentists get in school and the lack thereof when they go to start a financially-stable practice. Dentist Advisors found the sweet spot of helping dentists grow their practices while figuring out how to best tell their story along the way.

“It’s a vulnerable position to be in, to tell your story and be authentic..if a dentist is going to tell their story, it has to be them but it can be hard to just be you and be okay with that.”

One of the integral parts of how their company has grown has been the partnership between Ryan and Reese. Not to say that there weren’t bumps along the road, but their partnership is one of the reasons they have been so successful. 

“Usually the most successful companies and partnerships are between people who are get such a dynamic outcome when you have very different people.”

Together, they get to build the company culture, style, and vibe they always envisioned and continue to pass those values on to their leadership while teaching their audience to do the same.

It was a blast getting to hang out with Ryan, if you want to connect with him or Dentist Advisors, you can find them at or on social media. One thing Ryan left us with is that so many people get to know their company by listening in on their podcast and seeing exactly who they are through the connections they make on social media and through education. 

He encourages anyone who isn’t sure about what they need or what Dentist Advisors is doing, to just take a few minutes...or weeks to check them out, view any of their 1000+ hours of free content on their website, and take your time getting to know them. You can bet they’ll be ready to roll when you are.

Check out the full episode for more! 


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