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For episode 34, I’m catching up with my good friend Anissa Holmes, CEO at Delivering Wow Dental Coaching & Online Education. Having just moved back to Miami and eager to start a new chapter in life, Anissa has been exploring her lifelong passions, speaking, leading masterminds, and teaching really great key ideas to building successful practices and achieving balanced lives. 

Many of the challenges of the last year gave Anissa and her team the time and space to take those obstacles and turn them into growth opportunities, including adopting mindset shifts and re-evaluating how they approach teaching with more value and higher impact.

“How can you serve your clients so hard that they actually do the marketing? We don’t need to focus so much on marketing, we just need to focus on serving people.”

This idea was the key to opening doors to so many transitional thoughts and teachings that will inspire anyone looking to bring their very real and very possible visions to life. They’re ready and excited to help doctors, practices, and teams do just that by walking through a strategy that fits your needs and leaving you with a roadmap to success for the next year.

“[I want] more opportunities to share the knowledge I’ve received with other doctors, so they too can have a business that allows them to have happiness and runs like a well-oiled machine.”

Something else Anissa’s been focusing on this year, is being a huge proponent of investing in herself. In addition to loving education and learning, she wants to achieve her goals a lot faster. So many people see time and money as a barrier, when in reality you can buy time with money and create your own path to success.

“I’m driving in the express lane in Miami…when we first started we were going at the same pace, but I cut a check for speed when I paid that toll.”

There’s always a way when there’s a will and one of the many things that empowers Anissa is encouraging her community and giving them a front row seat to her vision and energy so they know it’s possible, too.

“When you find that your heart is all about serving..that’s what we do.”

You can reach out to Anissa through their Facebook page (and she will 100% respond to answer your questions, jump on a call, or direct you to someone who can help) or find her at to learn more about their upcoming workshops and trainings.


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