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The first Go Live of the new year, in episode 37 I got to sit down with Vivek Kinra, Founder and CEO of both PPO Profits and Verrific. He’s a husband, father of two, and the master of all things insurance. 

Vivek started out with a degree in software development working with a corporate company, but often found himself bored and being pulled toward dental clients and their pain points. With his knowledge and expertise, he decided to break off and eventually start his two companies to meet the needs of so many dentists and practices. 

“We want to help [them] make more, collect more, with less stress…and everything that goes around that to make it happen, we’re involved with.”

In building businesses, he aims to accomplish the big things by focusing on the little things with small, intentional steps. So many times we see burnout happen when people put pressure on themselves by thinking too far into the future and trying to plan for the unknown. Vivek avoids this burden by addressing what is immediate and able to be done in the now.

“What looks intentional 3 years down the road, was just a series of things that happened…and then you, later on, add intention to it.”

He strives to help practices focus on the “now” and what they are great at by taking on the insurance needs that consume so much of their time and admin workforce. Doing this keeps the practice running while giving dentists the space to innovate and run it better. 

Vivek is working to grow to the point of taking on even more of the financial pressure from practices -

“I want the doctor to work really well clinically and the front office team to focus so much on patient experience…that everything about money is handled.”

Dentistry is one of the only businesses in the country that is non-corporatized right now, making it difficult for practices to scale and outsource things like insurance. PPO Profits and Verrific are new foundational pieces that do just that and it’s easy to see why so many practices are finding themselves gravitating towards them.

Not only are his companies striving to build successful practices, but they also aim to continue building a great company from within - one that helps foster trustworthy, honest, and authentic people who build a healthy company culture, along with great communication they have one main foundational idea at the forefront;

“Having the courage to face the consequences of your honesty…Because this has become so deeply ingrained in our company, we have built such an amazing culture in the company and for the clients.”

It was such a fun time chatting with Vivek and digging into his thoughts and ideas on PPO Profits and Verrific. If you haven't heard of these guys, check ‘em out. You can learn more about what they do and how they do it at and and keep an eye out for the launch of Verrific + coming soon. You can even reach out to Vivek directly through their Facebook page and he will point you in the direction you need to go.

Check out the full episode for more!


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