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For our first episode of the new year, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jordan Comstock, Founder and CEO of BoomCloud, a dental membership software company based out of Utah. 

With an entrepreneurial background that started in grade school, Jordan has a passion for business and a love of helping people. He took us through his journey of starting BoomCloud and what it takes to grow a business with the type of culture and people that make for a positive and successful work environment.

“It’s an ecosystem and people are at the start of it.”

One of his favorite parts of leading his company’s ecosystem is finding the right people who help build the overall strength of their team and company.

“I love building our team culture...I think every business should focus on culture including dental offices.”

What makes the membership program model unique and a great path for dental practices comes down to three main things; profit margin, cash flow, and patient experience. 

“If you want a solid business model [and] revenue model for the practice, you want a membership program and subscription revenue because that’s going to increase the value of your practice...and it’s going to give you peace of mind.”

This model caters to the uninsured and a subscription economy that strives for predictability and budget friendly solutions that work for the businesses and the customers.

Jordan encourages practices that are tired of dealing with insurance companies or just need to break away from a transactional model, to try a membership program where you can streamline and scale quicker and easier.

“If you’ve managed a predictable recurring revenue model for any business and you’ve managed a transactional model, you’re going to prefer the recurring revenue model because it’s a lot easier to manage that business.”

Such great advice from someone who has built this model from the ground up and who truly wants to help people at the very root of his company. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Jordan.

If you’re looking to connect with him, you can find him on Facebook or LinkedIn and definitely head over to https://boomcloudapps.com/ to check out a ton of resources and education available for free download.


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