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Michael Arias of The Dental Marketer literally wrote the playbook for ground marketing and has been teaching us his ways ever since. Plus, he's a great friend. We’re digging into life in California, The Last Dance, fitness, leadership, and some ground marketing ideas in this week’s episode, so take a listen.

Michael started out as a nutritionist, but what began as a great opportunity to help people learn healthy habits turned to frustration toward the apathetic response. He eventually migrated into marketing - specifically ground marketing - and hasn’t looked back. Finding the thing you’re passionate about will always prove to be a worthwhile investment and once you find it, dig in deep. He goes into more depth about his own story and the weight loss, strength training, and nutrition education that led to a life change.

“There has been a lot of pivoting, but the principles and concepts behind it are always going to hold strong - communication and supporting each other”

Michael talks about the shift from reactionary decision making when COVID-19 first started to intentional decision making and moving forward for the good of himself, his family, and his team. Adaptation has been the name of the game in 2020 and once he forced himself out of a funk, he was back at it helping dentists do the same.

“They’re just telling you what they think is their reality.”

Many dentists were faced with conflicting advice when COVID first came on strong - be the authority...you’re not the authority...help the community...you have no business trying to jump in…Making sure your mindset and reality is “I am the authority” and “I’m GOING to take care of you” rather than anything from a position of anxiety, fear, or lack of confidence is what will help you win the day. That and choosing an area to hyperfocus on.

“We try to do it all and then think we need to continue doing it all, but instead we need to hyperfocus on what’s working."

It doesn’t have to be a life-shattering idea - the small systems that will affect the big splash of your practice, personal life, or thinking are invaluable. Practice owners and dentists need to have a perspective shift - focus on what’s working, learn it inside and out, do it well, and then scale upward. This year has brought on a lot of change to put it lightly, but a healthy mindset and strong direction will help get us through it. 

"We can study gravity our whole lives and never learn how to fly - in reality we need to study, implement, and execute”

For more on Michael Arias’ leadership, podcast, and programs check him out at thedentalmarketer.org.


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