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This week on Episode 33, I caught up with the Founder (and my speaking opponent when competition is at stake) of Front Office Rocks, Laura Nelson.

Laura uses her background in human resources and organizational development to educate dentists on one of the most important missing links in their practice...an investment in front office training. 

“I wanted to do something bigger than just running the office.”

Front Office Rocks was born out of necessity and a noticeable gap in the industry. In the process of trying to build their practice, Laura saw a pattern of questions about how she did certain things and what their secret sauce was. She came to realize there was a lack of education on how to run the business side of a practice. 

“What I was trying to get our industry to understand at the time is that front office team members are rock stars, we are the first and last impression of every appointment.”

She started with one camera and light creating videos on how to handle real-life customer scenarios, to now being a highly respected and requested speaker and content creator who travels, inspires, and teaches in a fun, captivating way.

“For me, it’s gotta come out of interest [and] love...not out of ‘I’m getting paid or I have to’”

One of the most rewarding parts for her has been partnering with Dental Whale - an empowering “one stop shop” for all dental needs and education. Being part of their next level projects has allowed her to step away from the day-to-day operations in their business and step into the next chapter where she can thrive in her true professional identity - content development.

“What we’re building for education is completely different and it’s going to stand the test of time.”

As she steps into this new adventure, returning to her very first passion, she’s looking to slow down and really enjoy life with her husband, Chris, and find joy in connecting again with the people she most loves and identifies with, front office staff.

You can find and catch up with Laura at www.frontofficerocks.com, on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Check out the full episode for more about Laura and Front Office Rocks team!


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