Maintaining Liquid Capital


Reese Harper, CFP, Founder and CEO of, as well as a known thought leader in the financial landscape, brings some perspective on maintaining liquid capital during this stock market decline.

“This is the fastest decline in a stock market… there’s only been one other time in history to rival this pace.”

With so much uncertainty in the stock market and the introduction of various SBA programs, many dentists may be wondering how to best utilize their cash reserves and the available assistance. Reese Harper walks us through what he believes is the most important element to financial peace of mind during this time: liquidity.

“I’d rather have the ability to protect myself during a tough economic condition… you can’t do that if you don’t have any liquidity”

There are a few ways that you can be increasing your liquidity during this time, and Reese walks through 3 of them.

Economic Injury Disaster Loans

This first option is a grant of up to $10k, with additional financing of up to $2 million paid back at 3.75% over the next 30 years.

Paycheck Protection Program

This program will offer loans equal to 8 weeks of payroll expenses plus 25%. This loan has the option of being forgiven if you meet certain criteria.

You can learn more about these first two options on the SBA website.

Liquidating Assets

You may need to begin preparing assets for liquidation (including things like stocks). Reese emphasizes that working with a qualified financial advisor is critical in doing so, to ensure that you are leveraging these assets to the best of your ability.

“Liquidity is worth 2.5x the interest expense on a debt.”

While the idea of taking a loan to weather this storm is unsettling, the price of maintaining peace of mind, and ensuring you can keep your doors open when this all ends is worth it.

Reese’s heart for education has fueled him to step up in any way that he can. If you need assistance in navigating this difficult situation, Reese and his team have created a resource page that goes into more detail on maintaining liquid capital.

“Someone listening today to this is going to get something out of this that’s going to help them in a meaningful way and that’s enough for me to do it.”


The dental practice landscape is changing at an ever faster rate. Protect your investment by putting together a strategic marketing plan customized to you. Schedule your consultation with me.

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