Maximizing Your Reopen Schedule


Tom and Vanessa from Local Med join Josh for an important conversation on best maximizing your schedule when you reopen your practice.

This season is changing the way people do everything. With all of us practicing social distancing, there has been a huge push towards the world operating through a computer or phone screen. From zoom calls to DoorDash deliveries, the world is turning virtual.

“People are going to get used to doing everything digitally.”

If you haven’t jumped on the digital scheduling bandwagon yet, this might be the final kick you needed. People are going to approach the way they do everything with a stronger digital lean, and that includes a visit to the dentist. An online schedule is going to become an invaluable tool when it comes to filling, as well as managing, appointments following your reopening.

“You don’t just want to have a full schedule. You want to have a full schedule with the patients that need the most dental work.”

Tom mentions that the average time it takes from providing dental treatment to getting paid is 43 days. Meanwhile, bills still need to be paid, rent comes due, and payroll for a full team will start hitting every two weeks. Your first few weeks are the most critical for scheduling high production appointments to give your cash flow a boost.

“This creates not a recovery but a slingshot back into your growth model.”

Tom recommends the best way to create the priority for these types of appointments can become a mindset that carries over into a regular practice. For more on creating a highly profitable rebound plan, Local Med & Dental Intel are hosting daily webinars that you can register for.


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