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I sat down with Dr. Israel Puterman of Implants DC, a well-known and respected Periodontist in the Washington, DC area. He’s located in a quiet part of Washington enabling him to create stronger and more authentic relationships with his patients, as well as an impactful presence on social media. 

Having started a practice from scratch several years ago and walking through an expansion project during COVID, Dr. Puterman shares the dynamics of his journey and gives some great insight on managing mindset. 

We talked about what made him jump into social media (specifically Instagram) and the “why” behind his bold choice to post the behind-the-scenes of his practice. Although he could send out an email newsletter to reach his audience, he feels Instagram has a more wide-spread impact and allows for more learning opportunities. 

“I show what can be done with a lot more discussion.”

While Dr. Puterman believes virtual interactions with patients and online learning experiences are invaluable and probably here to stay post-COVID, he has a strategic and refreshing outlook on in-person, 1-1 education.

“There’s nothing like hands-on education…it’s that slight little tweak that means the world and you don’t get that watching a video.”

Joining forces with his colleague, Dr. Matthew Fien, they created a series of training courses called Surgical Influence (#getyourexperton), to help increase surgical expertise and allow for the broadening of practice offerings. In each course, participants receive current tactics and skills with personalized time and hands-on training with them. 

“Each person is an individual and we want to make sure they get everything they can out of it.”

Open for a limited number of attendees, these courses fill up as quickly as within 4 minutes of being available (not messing around).

“Even if there’s a mistake, it’s reality and people want reality.”

He has a love for people and keeping things light, with a strong appreciation for his wife and team who continue to support him and the mission of his practice. Make sure you check him out on Instagram at @implantsdc or at


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