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This week on Episode #38 of Go Live, I sat down with my good friend Mark Costes, Founder of Dental Success Institute. 

This was an opportunity to pick Mark’s brain about some of the foundational beliefs, motivations, and mindsets that brought him to where he is today. He loves his family and is a successful coach (Elite Practice Mastermind), host of a 15K+ listener podcast (The Dentalpreneur Podcast), among other things.

Mark is known for the incredible discipline he implements into his life, business, and day-to-day activities.

“The secret is, if you enjoy what you’ve built into your routine, if you learn to and grow to enjoy it, it’s not discipline at all.”

With so many awesome things in the pipeline, we got a sneak peek at what’s to come from Mark and the Dental Success Institute, including a book he’s working on, a second podcast focusing on health, mindfulness, and personal development, and the 2022 Dental Success Summit coming up this June.

The conference, which started with 82 attendees to now expecting 700-900 attendees this year, is a huge event that is integral to their program. Really focusing on connection, community, and collaboration. This human element is truly what makes it stand out from other live dental events.

“I get more excited to see the people than the actual event.” 

One of the mindset pieces Mark is working on in 2022 has to do with his word(s) of the year: personal integrity. 

“Personal integrity to me is a slightly different concept in the fact that you’re keeping promises to yourself. That nobody even really knows about.”

His passion for life and helping people achieve success in business and in their personal lives, has played a vital role in how he encourages his coaching clients (more accurately, close friends and family) and reaches so many people over the last 1400+ podcast episodes listened to in 150 countries. 

Mark is one of those people that holds himself to a higher standard, pushes himself beyond what he thinks he can do, and measures success not based on achievements, but on moving through obstacles and not giving up. Even when there are people who try to bring him down or discourage him, Mark takes those opportunities to further improve himself.

“It’s not how people treat you, it’s how you react to how they treat you.”

It was such a pleasure getting to chat with Mark again (we swapped places last week, when I got to chat with him on his podcast - don’t forget to check it out!) and if you want to connect with him, you can do so by checking out their Facebook page, website, or tuning into the podcast

Thanks so much for your time, Mark, we can’t wait to see you in June! Mark so generously gave us complimentary VIP tickets to the Summit for our clients, so if anyone is interested feel free to reach out!


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