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After stepping into an associate role and being fast-tracked to take over the private practice, Dr. Brian Baliwas has come far and overcome more than his share of challenges. In his new role at 450 Aesthetic Dental Group in San Francisco, California, he faced temporary shut down due to COVID-19.

Brian knows hardship and he knows success, I invited him to sit down with me to get the scoop. Intentional. Inspirational. Innovative. You don’t want to miss out on this one. 

We talked about how he came to own his practice, his first year in business, some of his current favorites (spoiler: sneakers and sushi are his love language), and how he felt about being an influencer in the dental world. 

“Social media is just a tool, what you do with it can open an avenue of endless possibilities.”

While some may become stuck in a difficult situation, Dr. Brian Baliwas finds each obstacle to be part of the journey and story of his practice. 

“With any practice, you have to have people who believe in you, believe in your philosophy, and believe in your dentistry.”

Instead of chasing followers, he writes his story by absorbing what he can from mentors and colleagues. Investing in education is not something taken for granted and it’s one way he’s able to pass his knowledge on to future generations. 

“I can think of 20 different people who should have the follower count that I have…who teach me every day…I want to be on the opposite end of that.”

Not only does he choose his craft over fame, he does everything he can to help his patients feel taken care of. They don’t check out all the different dentists in the building and decide on his for no reason, they go to him for the experience provided and genuine connection made.

“Get really good at one thing or be passionate about one thing, then use social media to share it rather than getting really good at social media.”

As a result, Dr. Baliwas’ main source of new clients is largely referrals. Knowing when the numbers matter less than the relationship can be a game changer and the key ingredient to growth. His authenticity is not a marketing play or a box he checks off every day, it stems from his love of dentistry and his belief that celebrating small victories is worth the time.

One of the most humble and fun people I’ve had the pleasure of learning from (if you’re looking, you can find him with the cool Instagram handle @sfdentalnerd). Our conversation was a great reminder to be present and always pursue your passion.


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