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I'm excited to finally sit down with Shad and Brian of The Rhino Guys to talk about the story behind tinyRHINO, their previous ministry experience, and how they've helped their clients through COVID.

Shad came from a dental family, but got to know Brian in the ministry world over and after working together in that setting, learning about each others’ leadership styles they made an intentional decision to move from pursuing a ministry avenue to a marketing avenue within the dental niche. Without 100% attention to one, neither would be as successful as it could be and they knew they were being pulled to bring their attention to this space. 

“We start with the human heart. We lead not just from the head, but from the heart. We care about people’s hearts, not just about their dental practice.”

 Operating from a high level of empathy and creating an environment of authenticity and trust are all working together to make tinyRHINO successful. After clients see your consistency and your care, they start to trust the ebbs and flows of different months and the decisions you make in response. 

“When you’re not judging people, but you put yourself in the posture of empathy, you can hear their story for what it is and help them work their way out of those problems and find success. And that’s a little bit of the secret sauce”

Explaining the motivation behind leadership and how being co-CEOs works rather than dismantles, Shad and Brian explain two principles -  

The Last 10% -

Most of us tell about 90% of the truth. Then, whether consciously or subconsciously, we withhold the last 10%, but the issue is always in that 10%. Brian and Shad try to live in that last 10% all the time, but if there is a point of contention, they have a conversation and make sure everything is on the table.

The Fight To Be #2 -

Voluntary, mutual submission means they are always honoring and lifting the other up in private and public - it keeps the ego and natural tensions between any relationship at bay exuding servant leadership in a time when having and being the most is the end goal for many business owners. 

Talking through COVID, Brian and Shad went into understanding retail trends and how people buy now that the world was forced to go virtual. Decisions aren't being made the same way they were 90 days ago, so creativity and fresh perspective are going to be necessary.

How you lead and what you lead with during the next few months will be pivotal in not only businesses, but in relationships, as well.  

“There is this unifying factor because the human heart right now is currently on display. The tragedy that’s going on right now in terms of the racial division and the brokenness...hearts are on display and so, story matters.”


The dental practice landscape is changing at an ever faster rate. Protect your investment by putting together a strategic marketing plan customized to you. Schedule your consultation with me.

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