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Kiera Dent, CEO of The Dental A Team, shares about her time in Antarctica just before going into quarantine, and how her observations about nature carry huge implications into the current state of mind.

“I started noticing in Antarctica that everything in nature happens in its own time.”

Kiera’s challenge of visiting all 7 continents in one year brought her to Antarctica just before the entire world went on lockdown due to COVID-19. While she was visiting the majestic land of ice and penguins, she began to notice a fundamental truth about our world: everything happens in it’s own time.

She may have wanted to see an iceberg shear off into the ocean or witness a whale lifting out of it, but her desires made zero impact on whether those events occurred or not. She had to simply take the trip’s events as they came and enjoy the moment she was living. (She did end up seeing both of those things… and now I want to go to Antarctica).

“I like control… but pain and suffering comes from resisting”

Kiera gives a great analogy of being swept away in a white water raft, flowing down a raging river, trying to stick your leg out to catch a branch and slow your momentum. Obviously, a move like that is sure to cause some pain… Kiera has been looking for ways to “let go” and move with the current, despite her fiercely strong desire for control.

There’s a line to be drawn in the sand between what is within and what is without your control. For Kiera, this means learning to master control of self, rather than control of the environment.

“It’s a battle of mind every day… it’s a marathon, not a sprint”

Due to his role in healthcare, Kiera’s husband Jason is still serving at the front lines in the hospital. Just recently Kiera noticed herself having a huge mental breakdown as she began to fear for his life.

While some days we wake up inspired and ready to take on the day, other times just making it out of bed is a win. This season is going to last a long time, and we need to be mentally prepared for the toll this will take on all of us.

“High five yourself that you’re surviving during this time.”

So many people can be quick to judge a lack of productivity with “all this time on your hands.” The fact of the matter is, it’s not as easy as that. Even if we have the time, our minds are running a million miles an hour putting all the pieces together for what this season means for us.

Permit yourself to receive some grace. This season is hard, and that’s okay. Kiera’s biggest advice is to surround yourself with positivity. Find the voices, the environments, and the people that will bring light to a dark time and keep your hope high.

Kiera’s team has worked to create a weekly mastermind every Wednesday for anyone that does feel the inspiration to get things done. If you’d like to learn more about that you can find information on her website.


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