Turning A Moment Into Momentum


Dr. Rich Constantine is a practice owner, an influencer, and an up-and-coming speaker. We're going to discuss how COVID has affected his practice, the non-profit that he and his wife, Trish, are leading and of course... Drake.

Josh sat down with Dr. Rich for a helpful conversation that revolved around mental, physical, and emotional health during the COVID-19 timeline. They chatted first about Dr. Constantine’s viral “In My Fillings” challenge video and how it feels for him, as an introvert, to be receiving so much attention for something he resisted.

But the most important question was -

“You’ve been given a moment, what do you want to do with it?”

Dr. Rich could have let people have their fun and avoided the traction, but he chose to step up and out of his comfort zone to use what he’d been presented with for good. Dr. Rich said - “Sometimes things just happen, they fall to you and will I take it and run with it or what do I do?”

He talks more about how the best part of this experience has been the people he’s been able to meet and help, the relationships formed from a silly video made in his dental practice in hopes his family would find it entertaining.

“Through all of this, Trish and I have had our eyes opened to how good it feels to help someone in some way and to now have multiple ways of doing that is a really cool thing”

Some might have taken the attention and run with it for their own gain, but the Constantine family decided to honor their parents’ fight for cancer and create a foundation to aid in cure research and help families through a difficult time.

Balancing mental, physical and emotional health is a cornerstone of how Dr. Constantine manages stress and while he touches on his workout regimen and morning routine, he takes a few minutes to talk about what a nightly meditation time has done for him. He started at 2 minutes of sitting in silence to reflect on the day and has now worked himself up to 15 minutes of a meditation / visualization mix.

“You walk around with a different type of confidence when you don’t look at things as being impossible, but you look at everything as being possible as though you’re already achieving it”

Visualizing what you want for yourself, for your practice, your business, your family, and your health is a great way to start shifting your focus and attitude to ultimately propel you to that place you want to be. He’ll leave us with this -

“You can’t fail unless you quit”

Dr. Constantine has racked up millions of views on his viral video, conference-called into morning shows for interviews, and was invited to be on The Steve Harvey Show, but more than that he and his wife, Trish, used the moment for momentum and started a foundation called Smile On Cancer to benefit cancer research and families of those going through treatment.


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