Using Opportunity for Innovation


Three years ago, Galen and Davina Detrik started The Thrive Dentists - a movement of innovative clinicians that see dentistry differently, offering a solution for practices needing to move in a more modern direction with the tools to do it.

Before there was an audience, it was the heartbeat behind their company -

“If death is inevitable, make thriving non-negotiable”

Josh and Dr. Galen talk through the mission behind The Thrive Dentists, moving into the aesthetic they’ve created and the intricacies of balancing form and function in design. Dr. Galen summed it up perfectly -

“It’s easy to lose the ethicacy of something in the beauty sometimes, a lot of dentistry has done that on the macro scale. We care so much about the technique and that it’s done precisely, we’ve lost the humanity of it”

You may have something great in mind, but the heart behind it and the design to carry it out may play more of a role than you think. We’ve been given a chance to change up client experience, practice management, and reinvent communication because connection with your patients right now is critical.

“ often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat."

- Napoleon Hill

You can see COVID-19 as an opportunity. Doing so does not diminish the pain any of us are feeling, but it does double down with faith. In the last recession, the companies who took the downtime to create, invent and hope are the ones who’ve thrived.

We can come out on the other side trailblazing, guns blazing.

How? The most valuable currency - attention.

You have the opportunity to stay front of mind, be available, lend a hand,  ask what your people need and see if you can serve that need. People are not going to want to go back to business as usual when this is all over, take time to deepen the level of trust in relationships, current and future.

Innovation is going to be huge.

Let’s be innovators.

To learn more about The Thrive Dentists, visit their website.

And if this crisis has brought a vulnerability in your practice to the surface, check out The Vogue Masterclass helping dentists move into a more virtual experience.


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