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Jayme Amos is the owner and visionary behind Ideal Practices - a consulting group that helps startups create a road map for success. We first met in 2018 at the Delivering Wow conference over our love of TOMS shoes. Since then I've watched him build an amazing business that has gained a ton of respect. Right now, they have the most predictably successful startup practices out there.⁣ We dig into how startups are navigating a post-COVID environment, why he started Ideal Practices and his decision to move his family to Puerto Rico.⁣

“Without a story as a practice owner, it’s so easy to be reduced to a practice who is chosen through discounts...crafting your story is the difference between discounts and value”

In being asked whether the startup doctors he’s working with are being educated on the importance of story or coming in with the knowledge of it, Jayme talks passionately about partnering with people who’d rather affect change in their communities than be a cookie-cutter operator of someone else’s agenda.

“In the absence of value, consumers only know discounts or price”

You can be one or the other, but story really becomes the antithesis of the distasteful alternate reality that has come about in the industry.

After being invited into boardrooms at companies like Mercedes and Nestle, Jayme decided to start his own “rinky dink” business with his cousin and they grew a recruitment firm to one million dollars in the first year. Following that, he pivoted into the real estate industry until his world was rocked by horrific news of his brother and his fiance being killed in a drunk driving accident. Even after everything he thought he wanted, he realized how fleeting life is and knew he needed to build something that made a difference. 

“If I ever run another business, I’m going to make sure it’s one with purpose, one that matters and makes a difference”

He ended up helping a friend of a friend open a startup practice using his real estate and personal business ideas and it took off. There was something there, but Jayme was reminded before he dug in further that he wanted to do something in a way that mattered past a service being offered. Thus Ideal Practices was born with his partner, Steven, and they founded a company that not only helps startup doctors have a solid foundation and healthy trajectory, but for every practice launched, they fund 10 startup businesses in third world countries, as well.

“The number one responsibility of a CEO is to cast vision for growth”

Growth can be of your team, aptitude, or skills, but the organization can only follow vision. Jayme goes into the importance of knowing roles in order to work with a partner, how it’s worked for his business, and discusses why partners do or don’t work in the dental industry. 

“Oftentimes the miss is that the partnership is not going to be successful because of your clinical differences, what will make a successful partnership is a differentiation of roles in the business”

Ultimately there must be one final decision maker and if the Fortune 500 companies have co-leaders 4/500 times, there’s something to that and instead of letting fear dictate your decision for a partner, let there be a deeper reason.

Jayme Amos is not only a leader, influencer, and experienced businessman, but a husband and father as well and our conversation is a good reminder it’s not always going to be about the dollar bills. Connect with Jayme Amos through Ideal Practices.


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