How To Focus In The Middle Of Distraction

On this week of The (Not So) Late Show we talk about our anniversary, the power of matcha tea, and staying focused in the middle of distraction.

The (Not So) Late Show with Josh & Joanna is a weekly live show on Facebook where we talk about all the things. We’ve been married for 24 years, have two pre-teen kids, and run a couple of businesses together - so we have a lot to say! We thrive on real-time reactions and honest conversations with other humans, so jump on and hang out with us each week. 

You can find us here, too: @joshuascott @joannafscott 


-Story-Driven Masterclass


-Help I Work With People 

-Benefits of Matcha Tea

-Matchabar Ceremonial Grade Matcha


-Schools Re-Opening


5 Simple Habits That Increase Concentration, Focus and Productivity


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